DIY is great! Until it isn't.

We 100% support DIY repairs. We love the self-reliant Vermonter spirit.

However, every so often we get questions like this:

“I wanted to replace the screen on my iPhone 6s myself. I bought the replacement screen online, but then I realized it was more difficult than I expected. Can I pay you to do the repair with the screen that I already have?”

The short answer is “Yes.” We charge $50/hr for this type of service and will do our best to do the repair properly, but we cannot guarantee success. Here’s why:

When we first opened our Hardwick office, one of our biggest challenges was navigating the incredible multitude of parts suppliers that are out there in the marketplace. Through trial and error, we started to figure out which sellers were shipping poor quality screens, dead batteries, charge ports that don’t charge, etc. Customers coming in to VDC for a repair would sometimes come back after a few days, saying the repair had stopped working or the phone wouldn’t turn on. This was not what we wanted for our customers.

Thank goodness that era is now over and we’ve been able to find reputable suppliers who stand by their products. In addition, we appreciate our suppliers’ efforts to provide a range of price points, but we’ve learned it’s just not worth it to buy anything but the highest quality parts available. Having access to the best quality parts available meant that we no longer had to disappoint our customers with an unpleasant experience. 

If you buy a replacement part on the Internet, you're like us when we were just starting: paying premium prices and not knowing what kind of quality you’re getting. Even with high quality parts, there are sometimes duds, so we have backup parts and are able to return faulty parts to our suppliers for a refund. Naturally, that kind of guarantee would be complicated to achieve with a part supplied by one of our customers.

Last but not least, replacement parts for mobile devices can be very delicate and are sometimes damaged in transport. It happens to the best of us, but the longer the road from the supplier to us, the more times the replacement part changes hands, the more likely that damage will occur.

This is why we say, “Yes, we can do our best, but we cannot offer any guarantee of functionality.”