What Model is my Smartphone?

Finding Your Model Number

Every time we set up an appointment with a customer, we need to ask for the device’s model number. “Why?,” you may ask. Well, we’ve learned that most people just don’t really know what exact type of device they have, and it’s really important for us to know what we’ll be working with. We want to be able to give you an accurate price and make sure we have the correct parts in stock! We have a lot of folks asking us, “How do I know what kind of phone I have?” so we decided to write a little tutorial about it.

Android Phones:

The easiest way to find this info is to go into settings on your phone. Settings>About Phone or About Device and then take a screenshot of the Device Name and/or Model Number and text it to us or read it to us over the phone.

If your phone won’t turn on, there is usually another way to find the model number but we recommend you call us so we can help you through the process.

iPhones and iPads:

The easiest way to figure out what kind of iPhone you have is by looking at the fine print on the back of your device. Turn the device over (if you have a protective case on it, you’ll need to take this off) and look for the small text. The model number starts with a lowercase “a” which is followed by four numbers. For example, a1549 is the most common model number for the iPhone 6, a1778 is an iPhone 7, etc. When you make an appointment, please tell us what the four-digit number is.

If you cannot read the model number on the back of your device, please follow the instructions below to find an alternative model number.

1. From the Home screen of your device, navigate to Settings.

2. Navigate to General>About

3. Your model number should be listed here. It will not be four digits like the number on the back of the phone.

If none of these methods works for you, please call us and we will figure it out together.